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Waterless urinal systems which have been around since 1996. It is part of the Waterless Technology Ltd group. It aims to provide cost-effective water saving systems whilst being environmentally friendly and hygienic.


Flushing is not required with a waterless urinal system.


Using less water will reduce your water bill and save you money.


No water means no scale accumulation forming blockages in pipes.


The central waste contains a bactericidal block which prevents malodours.


The unit comprises of a retrofit waste and cartridge unit containing a block of highly concentrated natural bacteria specifically designed to remove organic matter and unpleasant malodours from urinals.

Each unit has its own biocide block incorporated within the inner cartridge casing which sanitises the urinal each time it is used.

The top anti-splash casing allows urine to pass through into the inner chamber where it is treated and neutralized. The neutralized liquid then settles into the trap waste where it acts as a barrier against malodours returning back into the washroom via the urinal.

Each subsequent use of the urinal replenishes the treated urine and flushes out the reservoir with fresh neutralized liquid.

Installation and Maintenance

Experienced engineers can ensure that the Aquasave system is installed correctly. This entails a thorough inspection of the existing waste pipes and cleaning or replacement to the stack. We can provide quarterly service contracts for customers requiring outsourcing urinal maintenance. Cartridges should be changed every 3 months. This is done simply by pulling the used cartridge vertically up and out. Then inserting the new replacement cartridge.


Aquasave liaises with in house or contract cleaners to include the care required by the Aquasave Hygiene Schedule. The Aquasave cleaning product has been formulated by our chemist to remove bacteria, dissolve urine and leave a pleasant fragrance. This produces a clean and hygienic washroom area including floors, walls and surrounding pipework. The use of the Aquasave Washroom cleaner will also help remove odours from the surrounding areas.

All the Microtec cartridges are 100% biodegradable and can be dispensed into landfill sites quite safely. The product has an improved biodegradability rate which means it spends less time in landfill, helping to reduce greenhouse gasses.


The cumulative amount of this plastic produced by our products will damage the environment and that is why we have developed a steel alternative.

Aquasave waterless plastic unit


The alternative waste unit made of high-quality stainless steel has a larger biological block insert.

White Urinal
Aquasave waterless plastic unit


We are offering to install these stainless-steel units on a rental system, i.e. free on loan – you do not have to purchase the units.

We install the first brand new waste unit in each toilet bowl and replace this with a second brand new unit after 3 months. These two units are then refurbished and re-cycled alternatively every three months for the duration of the contract period.

The charge for this service will be negotiated according to the number of urinal bowls to be serviced on each site. Contact us for more information.

Are you flushing money away in needless washroom costs?

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